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An Incredible Male Potency Formula

In addition to our original “Libido” and “Super Libido Activator”, we have added then mew ingredients: L-Arginine, a powerful dilator known to open blood vessels and improve and increase blood flow to the penile area.  Black Pepper Extract, believed to be an excellent sexual stimulant which seems to aid the ingestion of these related important ingredients.  Muira Puama , studies indicate this ingredient may increase the frequency of intercourse and lessen fatigue.  Test have also shown that men with erectile problems reported improvements in their ability to achieve an erection by taking daily doses of Muira Puama.  Saw Palmetto, is an important male supplement, especially related to decrease prostate problems that can lead to impotence.


Supplement facts

Serving Size 1 Caplet

Amount Per Serving    % Daily Value
Horse Chestnut Extract 25mg      †
Guarana Extract 26mg      †
Saw Palmetto 10mg      †
Yohimbe 75mg      †
Protein Complex (Soy Protein, Whey Protein) 25mg      †
Sarsaparilla 10mg      †
Avena Sativa 150mg      †
Zinc 45mg      †

† Daily value not established

Other ingredients:

  • Horse Chestnut Extract,
  • Guarana Extract,
  • Yohimbe Extract,
  • Protein Complex (Soy and Whey Protein),
  • Avena Sativa,
  • Glucosamine HCL,
  • Licorice Root,